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mauro fariñas
* 1982, Madrid
Despite of being from Madrid, Mauro Fariñas chose the University of Cuenca to do his studies. His concern about moving has led him to complete his studies in countries as far away as Finland and recently Korea. He spent four years in Helsinki and was fortunate to work with Aino Kannisto and to obtain with her a good technical education.

Mauro Fariñas works with mid-sized formats and an analog camera. For the moment he is not attracted by the digital world and he likes to get into the darkroom to process his own photos. To get there, Mauro Fariñas makes sketches in which he gives expression to the idea of image that he wants to capture. Then he looks for elements that should appear in the scenography: objects, models, props, etc.
The preparation of the photo takes time and consists in meticulous work, because everything has to accord to his plan. Located behind the camera, he shoots and catches that imagined moment.
The atmosphere that the artist achieves with the lighting and treatment of the elements involved in the image, place the viewers in a suspenseful situation, because they tend to expect anything that won’t happen. The artist is separated from the discourse of the image and the only connection is the title of the photo, an indication that the artist gives the viewers so that they can complete the rest of his message.