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David Murcia
David Murcia obtained the degree of Fine Arts at the University of Murcia in 2007. He had many individual and group exhibitions in Spain.
The human being is the central motif of his mostly large-format pictures. The confrontation of the subject with the society, and the figure as a creative result of its environment, become the main topics of Murcia’s Work. His Self-portrait serial “Suggested Reality” and the serial “Efecto placebo” (Placebo Effect) are psychological researches that show the confrontation of the characters with their emotional and cognitive side, as well as the fight for their becoming and decay. The time, so as in society and contemporary art, in the consciousness and unconsciousness plays a crucial role that Murcia expresses through opposite poles, calm or permanence, the decadence and persistence against the time’s fast pace, the fugacity and the emergence. The only driving force that activates his characters and doesn’t let them give up is hope.