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equipo crónica
Valencia 1964-1981
The Equipo Crónica is the leading Exponent of Pop Art in Spain. It was founded in 1964 by the artists Joan Antonio Toledo (1940), Manolo Valdés (1942) and Rafael Solbes (1940). Toledo left the group one year later, but the artistic collaboration of Equipo Crónica lasted until Solbes’ death 1981. Equipo Crónica used the pictures of publicity on its own way, to make the art a mass medium in the sixties. The Individualism was rejected, the work was built in series and the topics were political and social. The work criticized the Spanish dictatorship and the American war in Vietnam at its time; historically they questioned the art history, especially the great Spanish painting of the “Siglo de Oro” (The Golden Age, 1550-1680). The work of Equipo Crónica is indispensable to understand the development of figurative representation in the Spanish art since the seventies. The production, which was limited to 17 years, is increasingly rare on the market and is meanwhile part of important collections in Europe.