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antonio saura
* 1930 Huesca - † 1998 Madrid
Between 1953 and 1955 he lived in Paris and took part in the activities of the surrealist group. In 1958 he participated at the Biennale of Venice, in 1959 at the Documenta II and in 1977 at Documenta VI in Kassel. In 1960 he received a Guggenheim Award in New York and exhibited at the Pierre Matisse Gallery. Besides his satirical artworks on paper he made many numerous etchings and serigraphies. In 1964 he received along with Chillida and Soulages the Carnegie Prize. Saura contributed decisively in the creation of the group El Paso, who joined promoting the informalist renewal in Spain by incorporating gestural techniques of international painting. Antonio Saura belongs to the great artistic figures of the twentieth century, who have been devoted to the topic of the human figure and have left their mark. Some of his works can be found at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Tate Gallery in London, the National Gallery in Berlin, the Museum for the twentieth century Vienna and the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid.