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rafa pérez
*1957, Haro, Rioja
The Work of Rafa Pérez starts from the Spanish pictorial tradition based on the expressiveness of the material used casting a glance at the American expressionism and surrealist automatism. Pérez paints, especially with ceramic materials and mixes them with cements, stainless steel and all kind of resources that are valid for the expressiveness. His sculptures are a challenge to the possibilities of ceramics, of which he is a tireless researcher, achieving unique results.His international renown began in 1998 winning a prize in Mino (Japan) after winning many prizes in his country. His work has been shown in ten different countries, but he is particularly popular in the Asian world: in China where he has recently been working in Xi-an for the International Museum Fule and in Korea where he participated in 2009 as the only Spanish artist in the “World Ceramics Biennale”.