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peyrotau & sediles
beide * 1975, Zaragoza
The Works of Aránzazu Peyrotau and Antonio Sediles bite into pieces the helpless consciences or stroke them without ceremony, with a language that only understands the subconscious of those who look and look again at their pictures. Peyrotau & Sediles create and measure images, giving them perpetuity in the mind, working as tattoo artists on virgin skin. They connect their intuition and shoot, giving an identity to the mind, and a body to the glance, to their dreams. They just do it, attacking the five senses of those who contemplate their works. Because their works smell and taste, and if you approach your ear, they will howl. Keeping this in mind, you could play a guessing game to try to identify the reasons that lead them to create what they create. A mistake! Clever is to enjoy their photos, going directly to the image.