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manuel rivera
* 1927 Granada - † 1995 Madrid
Rivera moved in 1951 from Andalusia to Madrid to become one of the most significant representatives of postwar art. Like many others of his generation, he began with the academic tradition and quickly dedicated his work to the abstraction. His special interest was the light above all formal means. In this period the artists chose new materials for their art. Rivera worked since 1957 with metallic cloth and metallic structures which developed a new and unique way of painting. This type of  “poor art” has its meaning in the poor state of the country after the war (although the term “povera” would be known a few years later in Italy as a definition of an artistic direction). The use of “other” materials meant in Spain the basis for “other” Art which new artists were doing and which wasn’t accepted at that time. Manuel Rivera was Co-founder of the Group “El Paso” which was founded in 1957 and raised its voice against the Franco dictatorship.