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Results of the III Call 100 kubik – Sculpture

After long discussions and reflections due to the high quality of the participants, the winner of the III Biennial Call 100kubik has been chosen. This is Rubén Fuentes Fuertes (*1979).

With great satisfaction we have received 95 dossiers, which were presented this time in form of sculpture. The winning artist, Fuentes Fuertes will be presented individually at 100 kubik in 2012, as well as from this moment he will become part of our artists.
The Valencian artist impresses with his small and large sizes busts, especially for the quality of his work, his creativity and his excellent skills in his handling of materials.

Among the submitted works were those of some very notable artists, of which we would be pleased to hear in the future. We thank all participants for their interest and wish them success in their career.